Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Q. So what are the steps involved in marketing a service/product or company?

A. Well first we create a strategy and plan – to determine who your target market is, what you need to say and how to reach them.  Then we’ll help you actually roll out the plan and do the hard work!

This is how it all comes together …


We’ll workshop with your team to fully understand your needs.


We intigate market research either Qualitative (in depth ) or Quantitative (comprehensive).


A document will be created that includes a strategic analysis of your business and will provide you with a clear brand personality and competitor analysis

The Proposition

The strategy is summed up into the game changing idea that will make your brand more famous. From here we’ll recommend key messages  and the best channels to talk most effectively to your audience.

The Plan

A road map or 12 month schedule that outlines all activities for each week of the campaign this includes media, marketing, tactics, events, promotions, social media, PR and trade activity.

This plan and background will enable you to assess the market environment and plan strategies for success that your team can implement.  In essence we will create a foundation from which all marketing decisions will be built.

This outsourced strategy can really help you by providing a broader perspective. In turn this can help alleviate what some call “marketing myopia.” You might just be too close to the situation to see everything you need to consider.

Within a few months we can provide the jump-start you need to accelerate your growth into the required markets, products, services or locations.

The Roll Out

Think of this as the delivery of all the activities determined by the Marketing Strategy and Plan  i.e. marketing collateral, its creation and management , events , promotions, social media, PR and trade activity etc.

The aim of all this is to take pressure off yourselves and your staff and at the same time attack everything with a co-ordinated approach