Novita Digital Studios

We specialise in creating audio video for the Net


Novita Digital Studios brings together a good all-round production team, a slick use of technology and a commitment to an exceptional finished product.

A high level of care goes into every aspect of an NDS production – be it a voice over, narration, documentary, lifestyle feature, advertisement or short film. Each production is a one-off not made to a formula. The team at NDS pride themselves on working well to clients’ briefs as well as to production deadlines, whilst creating a product that has polish and flair.

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CLick to go to Instant Video Packages

Being a small team means NDS is a cost effective alternative for any requirement – from small budget productions for the likes of schools, charities and community groups to local television programs. However the comprehensive facilities and resources at NDS means it has the capacity to work on larger budget, more mainstream projects.

NDS uses professional digital camera equipment, lighting and audio gear, as well as an in-house edit suite. The team also boasts an experienced script writer and graphic artist.

NDS particularly prides itself on its audio and web video capabilities, creating productions specifically for web-based applications as well as adapting existing audio and footage to fit various web environments.

 Claire Schillaci – Senior Presenter

Claire has been involved in television presenting for the past 15 years, working on a variety of lifestyle TV shows.

She also presents and produces Internet presentations for large corporates.  Her video presentations are sought after by companies all over the world.

Claire is available for audio, video, live and virtual presentations.